HTTP Attack Resulted in RBL Listing

March 19, 2013 0

Today one of my customers was listed on the SpamHaus XBL list.  The Spamhaus Exploits Block List (XBL) is a realtime database of IP addresses of hijacked PCs infected by illegal 3rd party exploits, including […]

NSClient++ Clients Report Arguments not Enabled

March 6, 2013 0

I am currently in the process of deploying the open source Nagios monitoring platform for a customer to provide them the ability to monitor their Windows machines, network infrastructure and virtual environment. There are a […]

An insight into Exchange 2013 Safety Net

February 24, 2013 0

Saftey Net is the new version of Transport Dumpster which was first introduced in Exchange 2007 and was continued in Exchange 2010.  I wrote about Transport Dumpster back in May 2011, please refer to the […]

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