Working with SPN’s and SQL Server

April 14, 2010 0

In this post I will address SPN’s and the relationship they have with SQL Server. What are SPNs? A service principal name (SPN) is the name by which a client uniquely identifies an instance of […]

Monitoring Disk Performance on Windows

March 26, 2010 0

If you suspect that your system’s hard disk might be a bottleneck for the system, then there are two counters that you should examine within the Physical Disk performance object. The counters are % Disk […]

Error with ImageX WAIK 1.1

March 20, 2010 0

I mounted a .wim file I had been working on which contained some imaging software: imagex /mountrw c:bootwinpe.wim 2 c:image This makes it available in the “image” folder. I then went and edited a bat […]

Exchange 2010 Prerequisites

March 19, 2010 0

When installing any Exchange 2010 role ensure you check out the Prerequisites. This site tells you exactly which roles and features you need for each exchange server. It even shows you how to use the […]

No Interfaces Available in NLB

March 19, 2010 0

When creating an Network Load Balancing Cluster in NLB no interfaces were coming up as being available when creating the cluster. This was on Server 2008 R2, however it would be the same on Server […]

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