Enable Link State Suppression

September 20, 2010 0

When running the Exchange 2010 Pre-Deployment Analyzer you will probably get this message: Before introducing Exchange Server 2010 into this topology, the ‘SuppressStateChanges’ configuration parameter should be set to ‘1’ on server EXCHANGE03SERVER. This parameter […]

What are Exchange Development Kit (EDK) Connectors?

September 20, 2010 0

When running the Exchange Pre-Deployment Analyzer I got the following message: Exchange Development Kit (EDK) connector ‘Connector for Captaris RightFax (WSPER14)’ was found in the organization. Exchange Server 2010 does not support EDK connectors. This […]

How to GREP in Powershell

September 16, 2010 0

In Linux and Unix world when we want to grab a line that contains specific output we would just use the following command: command | grep search In powershell to do the same thing we […]

Diagnosing Windows Cluster Issues

September 15, 2010 0

Working with a Microsoft Engineer on a cluster issue today. He showed me a really cool command to get some diagnostic log information about cluster related problems. The command to get this information is: cluster.exe […]

Flush Transaction Logs in Exchange

September 14, 2010 0

This article applies to all versions of Exchange from 5.5 to 2010. The following knowledge base article gives you all the fruit about flushing transaction logs but I assume you just want to know how […]

Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1 Setup Fails

September 13, 2010 0

Today I’m building a new Exchange 2010 environment with 2 servers running in Hub Transport and Client Access in a CAS Array, and 2 backend servers running a Database Availability Group cluster. The two front […]

How to setup Exchange 2010 Federation

September 11, 2010 0

One of the new features of Exchange 2010 is Federation. It allows companies to share exchange related data with external companies such as Free/Busy and contacts. In previous versions of Exchange you would have to […]

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