4 Best iOS Emulator for PC or Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1

How to Run iOS on Windows PC, Either Offline or Online

Slavetechno.com – After yesterday we discussed about Android Emulator for PC, on this occasion we will discuss about iOS Emulator for PC/Laptop. Many of us would already know, what is iOS. Yep, iOS is a special operating system for Apple devices. All Apple output gadgets do use iOs, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac.

This product from Apple, is a favorite of most Smartphone users. Why I say most of it? Because the price is priced for the IOS device is quite expensive, so for those who have a mediocre budget prefer to undo the intention to buy an iPhone or other IOS devices.

But now you do not have to worry anymore, as I said above, here I will discuss how to use iOS for PC. This thing can be a shortcut for those of you who want to try how it feels to use iOS, which we can not possibly buy with the low budget we have. Immediately, see the following article.

Offline iOS Emulator for PC

1. iPadian

The first emulator is iPadian. This is one of the most popular and widely used IOS Emulator. By installing iPadian, you can run iOS-based applications or games via Windows PC.

One of the main attraction of this iPadian is that it always follow the development of iOS version. So when Apple releases iOS updates, iPadian will display a message to download the system update and run the latest version of iOS, that is iOS 10.

iPadian has the most complete iOS interface with a dedicated app store, so giving a more real feel from iPhone/iPad. iPadian also available subscription packages, to be able to run all iOS apps at once Android.

Go to Download : iPadian Emulator for PC

2. MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is an Emulator for Windows PCs specially designed to develop iOS apps and intended for developers. This emulator is built using HTML5 hybrid-native application in Cordova/PhoneGap framework. MobiOne can be used very easily to make iOS apps and compatible with standard iPhone apps.

By using MobiOne, you can receive notifications of applications that are running, and even you can share applications easily via Email. In this MobiOne Emulator, provided 2 choice of mode, that is iPhone mode and iPad mode. Interestingly, MobiOne can install applications outside the appstore, so you can feel the iPhone was already in Jailbreak mode, like Android that was already Rooted.

MobiOne Studio can be used not only to create apps on iOS but also on other mobile devices. MobiOne Studio provides an easy and intuitive approach to using it. The working principle is “Write once, run anywhere“, so you can create apps using MobiOne Studio and implement it both on iOS and Android.

Go to Download : MobiOne Studio Emulator for PC

3. Air iPhone Emulator

Besides the iPadian, there is Air iPhone which became one of the favorite iOS Emulator. This Air iPhone has a friendly interface and simple, but to run the program, requires Adobe Air plugin installed on your PC / Laptop.

This one emulator, perfect for those of you who work as an app developer to try or test your app before the final release. But unfortunately, this Emulator is not fully functional, some of the apps that are displayed can not be used and other flaws are in terms of browsers that are not available.

Go to Download : Air iPhone Emulator for PC

Online iOS Emulator for PC

In addition to running the Emulator offline, iOS PC can also run online. Then, how? This emulator can be run through a website that we access with the browser, which means we will need internet connection.

1. Apptize.io

Besides the App.io, Appetize.io is also an impressive online iOS emulator. Appetize works like an offline emulator. Just like App.io, Appetize is also capable of running android apps in the form of .apk files. Upload your application then wait for the process and you can start using after the process is complete.

Go to Website : Appetize.io

Well, that’s a few ways to run iOS on a Windows PC, either offline or online. Choose according to your needs, and hopefully this article useful.

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