How To Check CPU Temp With 4 Third Party Software

We Can Monitoring CPU Temperature for Easily With Third-party Software
We Can Monitoring CPU Temperature for Easily With Third-party Software – There were some people might wonder whether the processor or CPU we go smoothly? Or maybe when the laptop has been used and began to feel warm, we certainly also curious, how does the CPU temperature at this time? Well, knowing how hot the temperature of the CPU on your computer is very important, because the temperature of the CPU that excessive heat may cause damage to the hardware on our computers.

Actually, the information about the level of CPU temperature on your computer / laptop is provided by the BIOS to the OS (Operating System). We can see it in the BIOS settings, but it would be very inconvenient of course, we must restart the computer, then go into the BIOS and bla bla bla. Therefore, it is better to use the assistance of third-party software to display the information. There are some popular software that you can use to display the CPU temperature, check this out.

1. Core Temp

Core Temp CPU Monitoring Software
Core Temp CPU Monitoring Software

Core Temp is a simple software for basic monitoring CPU temperature. This software is very lightweight, easy to use, but powerful enough to monitor the temperature of the processor and other important information. Core Temp will later be run on the system Tray Icon and provide information about the temperature of your CPU without messing up other things.

Besides that, this software also supports the latest x86 processors, which have implemented a system of DTS (Digital Thermal Sensor). DTS provides temperature readings accurate, higher resolution and higher than the conventional onboard thermal sensor. All of the largest processor manufacturers have implemented the system, like Intel, Amd and VIA.

2. RealTemp

RealTemp CPU Monitoring Software
RealTemp CPU Monitoring Software

RealTemp is a program that monitors CPU temperature. This program is designed more to processors made by Intel, but it can be used by other processors. This program can show the temperature of your CPU in real time and at the same time provide information on the maximum temperature (default 90 ° C, though you can change it).

RealTemp software is designed very lightweight and will be running in the system tray of your computer. Besides that, in this RealTemp also has an alarm feature, which allows you to set the temperature to your liking. When the CPU temperature reaches the limit you set, RealTemp will give you a warning or directly execute your command.

3. CPU Thermometer

CPU Thermometer
CPU Thermometer

CPU Thermometer is one of CPU temperature monitoring software, easy to install and use. This software can help you monitor your computer CPU temperature in real-time. The program of this software can be run when the computer is turned on (Windows Start-up), and shows the CPU temperature in the tray icon of your desktop.

This software comes with a simple interface, which displays important details about the temperature information, load, and also the health of your processor. If your computer uses multi-core processors, the CPU Thermometer will display the number of degrees in each core in real-time, so the percentage is always changing.

4. HWMonitor

HWMonitor CPU Monitoring Software
HWMonitor CPU Monitoring Software

Of the three software I mentioned above, HWMonitor is Sotware CPU temperature monitoring of the most complete. HWMonitor handles the most common sensor chips, like ITE IT87 series, most Winbond ICs and others. In addition, HWMonitor can read modern CPU core thermal sensors, as well as knowing the HDD temperature via SMART and video card GPU. Special hardware monitors such as ABIT uMaster and Gigabyte Odin also supported.

With HWMonitor you can see the temperature throughout the system motherboard, CPU, graphics card, and hard drives on your computer. When you install and start running this software, you will be presented a table that contains temperature, fan speed and others. HWMonitor requires no installation at all and can be run only from EXE file (ZIP Version), although you can also download the full setup version if you want.

Monitoring your temperatures is good, and something everyone should check on once in a while. But if your computer is regularly overheating, there’s probably a deeper cause that you need to look into. Open up the Task Manager and see if there are any processes using your CPU, and stop them (or figure out why they’re out of control).

The older and dirtier a computer gets, the harder the fans have to work to keep the temperature down–which means a hot computer and very loud fans. So take care of your computer properly, in order to live longer. Regards

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