7 Best Android Emulator for PC Besides Bluestack, Slavetechno.com Version

Best Android Emulator for PC
Best Android Emulator for PC

Slavetechno.com – Increasingly, more and more users of Android-based smart phones, and even today you can feel or use Android to your PC or Laptop. Those who use Android Emulator for PC, has its own reasons, for example, a developer can test his application directly, a gamer who wants to play games using a mouse and keyboard android or certain other possible reasons.

Well, therefore, no wonder if today many developers of applications/software, has developed the Android Emulator they were made to meet those needs. Of the many existing Android Emulator, I will summarize and sort into some of the best emulator. See the following article

1. Leapdroid

First rank, I put Leapdroid as best emulator Slavetechno.com version. Because this android emulator is quite light and can run smoothly on a PC / Laptop with low specification. In addition to light, Leapdroid is equipped with many tweaks and optimizations, so it is believed can run smoothly, with the gaming benchmark scores are very impressive.

Even more interesting is you can run two games simultaneously using features side-by-side, so you can play the same game with 2 different account. By default Leapdroid already have root access, and supports more than 97% of the applications.


AMIDuOS is android emulator is relatively new among most emulators available. In his presence, AMIDuOS giving two choices version of the OS (Operating System) that different, that is version of Jelly Bean and Lollipop.

Although the android emulator paid, but you can try the free version for 30 days before deciding to buy it and you need to remember, this AMIDuOS pay costs only once. For Jelly Bean version you only need to pay $ 10, while Lollipop cost $ 15.

Because paid, of course, the features provided by this AMIDuOS very good for some purposes. Most of its features-based productivity. So it is suitable for those who want to use it for things like office users, homework and more.

3. Andy

The next Android emulator is named Andy, android emulator that completely free and provides flexibility for the user to explore the features of Android more. When first released, Andy still has some problems, but even here they prove that Andy was able to compete with some of the android emulator predecessor.

Andy, focusing on productivity goals, but despite that, Andy also be used to play Android games pretty well.

4. Genymotion

This Android emulator is geared toward developers who want to test their apps or games on a variety of devices without actually being required to own those devices. You can test the app or game on a variety of devices without actually required to have such devices.

Besides that, you can also configure the emulator for various devices with different versions of Android to help suit your needs. For example, you can run the Nexus One with Android 4.2 or Android 6.0 Nexus 6. You can easily switch between “device” at will. This is not good for consumer use, but Genymotion indeed offer their services free of charge for personal use.

5. MEmu

MEmu is android emulator which is also known as one of the best emulator, with full compatibility with AMD and Intel chipset (the very rare). Comes with two versions of Android, namely KitKat and Lollipop, and already have root access.

Besides that. MEmu have a complete sidebar with lots of extra features and functionality, so making it as an option android emulator were used for the purpose of productivity and gaming (however, tend to productivity).

If you experience difficulties when operating or other difficulties around the use, MEmu provide a forum for discussion to fix the problem, check out the latest releases and also other news on their official blog.

6. Nox

Android emulator is touted similar to Bluestack, which was created for gamers Android. In this Nox there are utilities and additions that are specifically made to help gamers control the game using the mouse and keyboard.

Another advantage possessed Nox are many interesting features, if we see on the right hand, there is a “charm bar” used to access some of the features available. Besides that, Nox also give the appearance of outstanding applications and cleaner.

7. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is an Android emulator optimized for gaming, so you can install as a software. His appearance be a competitor for Bluestack and Nox, but the most fundamental difference between they are the version of Android, ie Android Marshmallow.

Additionally, Remix OS Player promising performance unprecedented by utilizing the latest Android technology Studio for emulation and to test the application. You can also run multiple applications at the same time be side-by-side.

With the support of Gaming Toolkit allows you to map the keys (keyboard mapping) is not limited to the physical keyboard every game with a system able to remember your settings. On Android applications that have been emulated, a control strip will provide access to the control system such as a keyboard on the screen, volume, and screen orientation.

Well, that’s the best android emulator version 7 Slavetecno.com. Please try one of them where you think is most suited to your needs.
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